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25 Top Irish Names for a Baby Girl
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Mairéad - Gaelic for Margaret; "pearl"

Máire - Gaelic for Mary; "bitter"

Nuala - Gaelic for Nola; "fair-shouldered one"

Ráichéal - Gaelic for Rachael; "little lamb"

Riona - "a queen, queen-like"

Saraid - Gaelic for Sarah; "princess"

Shannon - "wise one"

Sháuna - feminine of Sean; "God is gracious"

Sinéad - Gaelic for Jane; "gracious, merciful"

Siobhán - Gaelic for Joan; "God is gracious"

These are just a few of the many Irish names that would be appropriate for a baby girl. If you did not find anything you like here, there are many websites that offer a more extensive list.

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25 Top Irish Names for a Baby Girl
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