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Baby-Skim Guide To Traveling With Baby

 by: Jamie Starr

Traveling with a baby can sometimes mean that you are so consumed with ensuring that you have everything you need to care for the baby on the trip that you forget things you need for yourself. The best thing to do is to prepare a checklist of what you need and then check off each item as you pack it.

A sample checklist should include the following items:

Diapers/ pampers



Baby wipes

Baby lotion and soap

Extra pacifiers


Formula, food, water and/or juice

Resealable plastic bags

Extra clothes - at least one or two outfits per day


Car seat

Portable crib

Collapsible stroller

Sun hat and sun screen Toys

Plastic for use in changing the baby

Any necessary medicines

Extra shirt for yourself

Burping pad

Washable bibs

Feeding spoons

Kettle, if the hotel room does not have kitchen facilities

The packing for a trip involving a baby should start weeks in advance to ensure that no detail is overlooked. As you pack each item or article, check to make sure you have added extra in case of accidents.

Simply go through a sample day at home and make a list of everything the baby needs when not travelling. Add extra to the list. Bring a camera and plenty of film or if you use a digital ensure that the memory card can store lots of pictures.

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Baby-Skim Guide To Traveling With Baby
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Jamie Starr is a writer for This is article is from the Baby-Skim book "How to choose the best baby products for your Newborn baby." If you are interest in reading the rest of this article and more you can download the ebook free at Baby-Skim is a website dedicated to helping new and experienced parents with baby products, parenting information and children books.