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What's In A Name: Naming Your Baby

 by: Michelle Higgins

Does your baby really care what you call her? All she needs is milk, sleep and some comfort; and she will be fine.

Is a name important? Yes, in a way it is. Let us say you randomly choose a name for baby. Once your little one grows up, she might wish you had spent more time thinking about it.

Of course, there is no definite way to tell if she will eventually like the name, you give her. Yet, a little thoughtfulness and creativity will not hurt.

A few things to keep in mind while choosing a name for baby:

Put yourself in your child's shoes.

Try to give baby a name that you would like having.

Make sure both you and your spouse like it.

Choosing a name for baby is a wonderful process. Do not deprive your spouse of this pleasure. Make a list of names you both agree upon and choose one of them.

A name with a meaning would be nice.

Give your child a sense of belonging by choosing a name that means something to you or to the world in general. Consider the name of a loved one, a mythological character or a historical icon. Or a name based on one of baby's physical attributes like the color of her eyes or hair.

An unusual name?

Choose an unusual name by all means cause it will help your child stand out from the rest all her life. But it would be nice to avoid the ones that have high chances of being mispronounced.

The John Smith identity

An unusual name might be mispronounced, but beware of common names too. Do you want your child to be one of the eight Amys or nine Davids in the class?

Check the initials

Check if the initials spell anything that could make your baby the butt of jokes. Picture the name Martin Andrew Dale and you know what we mean.

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What's In A Name: Naming Your Baby
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